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  • Budgeting Estimates: In the initial conceptual planning stages of a project, it is often necessary to perform a budgetary estimate that is used to determine the ball park amount of an entire project. This is commonly done for our customers with large projects and multiple options for completing the project.
  • Project Quotes: Once a project has been finalized with an architectural design, a formal estimate can be provided to give a customer exact expenses to complete the project as designed by the architect.
  • System Design: After a quote has been accepted by the customer, a full design of the fire sprinkler system is completed. Drawings will be provided to the customer and the project can be completed per the design prints. 
  • Installation: Our experienced fitter team will perform the installation of the fire sprinkler system as designed. Materials will be provided, installed, tested and approved by local city inspectors. The system will then be ready to turn over to the customer.
  • Inspections: Licensed inspectors are able to provide inspection services on the frequency required by customers and/or current fire codes and insurance requirements. Copies of the inspection will be provided to the customer or their designate. In the event of deficiencies, an estimate can be provided for the repair or it can be done on a time and materials basis. 
  • Maintenance: Our licensed fitters can perform any range of maintenance from a simple leak to major upgrades. Emergency service is available on a 24/7 basis.
  • Upgrades: Frontier Fire Protection is able to perform anything from small simple upgrades to an existing system to a full replacement of the system. 
  • Additions: Additions to or remodeling of an existing building are handled using the full-service process of quote/design/install as described above. A large segment of the industry falls in this category.